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Venetian Blinds Valance Options

Venetian blinds come with 3 different valance styles, with different situations where each are needed.   1. Plain Valance 2. Double Return 3. Single Return  Above: A valance on a wooden blind   Plain Valance. This is our default option, and what we

What will my Valance look like?

Plain, single return or double return valances depending on your blinds location. All our wooden blinds are supplied with a matching valance to cover the headrail and brackets. There are 3 types of valance finishes we provide; Plain Finish Type Doub

Can I change my control side on faux wood or real wood blinds?

Tilt and raise controls on our faux wood and real wood venetian blinds Yes you can on specific products. When selecting the product the control options are always listed on the right hand side of the screen. A couple of examples can be found below:

What size slats do you offer?

As of 2021 we offer both 35mm slats and 50mm slats, depending on the product.  We have plans to increase our range to 63mm later in the year, so why not subscribe to our newsletter and you'll be the first to know when they are available!

What is blind tape?

Wooden blinds can either come with, or without cotton tapes running down the front of the blinds. This tape is a decorative feature available on our real wood and faux wood blinds. It is used to hide the draw strings that run in between the blind sla

What is the difference between faux wood and real wood?

It's only right top quality blinds have top quality ingredients! Faux wood: Faux wood is a PVC plastic, durable, waterproof and with a wipe clean surface these make great bathroom blinds!  Real wood: Our real wood blinds are, you guessed it, 100% rea

My blind has extra slats what should I do?

The lowest slat is to cover the punch holes in the bottom bar. Without this additional slat there will be light seeping through the holes.  The next slat up (2nd slat) is there to slide and block the light when the blinds are closed. When the slats a