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What is a Day & Night cassette?

A open cassette is a uncovered top section of your blind, similar to a roller blind. You will see the roller tube, where the fabric attaches to the top of the headrail and the clutch component, which is what is used to wind the blind up and down.

What blinds are best for tilt or turn windows?

We know it can be difficult covering a tilt inward or turn window; in fact we have a whole article dedicated to this on our website!  In fact heres the link: Best Blinds For Tilt Windows

When should you use waterproof blinds?

The main feature of our waterproof blinds, is, you guessed it – that they are waterproof. This means that no matter how wet you get them, they’ll come out looking like new and won’t deteriorate or degrade over time.  These can be found be by scrollin

What colour will my headrail be?

We always supply the headrail with our blinds and we do not sell individual vanes or slats.  A faux wood or real wood blind will come with a headrail that is designed to match the slat colouring keeping the whole blind cohesive.  Our vertical blinds

How heavy will my blinds be?

This is such a tricky one. It is all dependant on the width and drop of the custom blind and not just that but it all varies on the type of blind requested!   If you are conscious your blind is towards our maximum width or drop measurement please do

Can I get a blind outside your maximum measurements?

99% of windows can all be covered without the need of going to a specialist. Check out our maximum width and drop measurements at the bottom of your selected product, along with a lot of other useful information.    Still think you'll need a bigger b