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Can I install outside or into the side or top of the recess?

Yes you can! Our brackets are universal so you can install outside the recess. This however can depend on the product so double-check with a member of our customer service team just to be sure.  Contact us on 0117 463 0117 or email us at [email protected]

I have a metal lintel how do I install?

Steel/metal lintels are more difficult to fix to but it can be done!  Once you have drilled through the plaster and reached the lintel, you must then swap drill bits for a high speed steel bit and then use self tapping screws to fix the blind.  We al

Does Make My Blinds provide screws and wall plugs?

We are sorry to say that Make My Blinds do not supply any screws or wall plugs. This is because we do not know what our customers will be drilling into 100% of the time. With our brackets, you'll need a screw that is 4mm in diameter in order for it t

How do I install my Perfect Fit brackets?

The brackets push in between the rubber beading and the glass. This can be tight, so use a dab of washing up liquid to ease the bracket into place.

Do blinds come with fitting instructions?

Yes absolutely! If these are missing please let us know immediately by calling us on 08003688441 or email us on [email protected]

Vertical blind - louvre troubleshooting

Q. My vanes (louvres) won't turn when I pull the control chain.    1. If the louvres are jammed when you pull the control chain, first check that they are all overlapping each other correctly. This means that working from one end to the other, each s