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How do I measure my frame depth for a Perfect Fit blind?

The frame depth of your window is important as it lets us know what size brackets to send you with your new blind. See how to measure this distance below. The best way to measure your frame depth is to place a card over one corner of your window. Fr

Is my window suitable for a Perfect Fit blind?

Most window frames come in 2 styles, one with a curved edge to the window frame, like the image below. Our PerfectFit frames will work on these as the edge of the frame will cover the curved edge of your window, giving a complete and integrated look

How do I measure for a bay window?

We have a step by step guide for every type of blind in a bay window that you can follow here:   Angled Bay Measuring Instructions   Step 1If you haven’t done so already, order a sample back fr

How do I get a measuring guide?

The easiest way to obtain a measuring guide is in our free sample pack. Depending on the style of blind we will always include a how-to-measure guide.  Check out our website for detailed instructions and tutorial videos on how to measure. A link can

How do I convert centimetres (cm) into Inches (“)?

1 inch is approximately 2.54 cm - It doesn't make for an easy calculation  Lucky for you after selecting your blind style there is an option to insert your measurements as either centimeters (cm) or inches (").  If you still feel stuck you can googl

What is the difference between recess and exact size?

We'll cut to the chase - there are 2 main options when ordering your blinds, and you want to get this bit right.  Recess Put simply, if you're installing inside a window recess, give us the smallest width and drop and use that as your measurements. T

Does Make My Blinds come out to take measurements and install?

Make My Blinds doesn't offer a measure or install service, we only supply the blinds to your door.    To try and make it as simple as possible you can order free samples, view our measuring guides and videos and watch how we install each blind type t