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What is stack depth?

Stack depth is the size of the stack (vanes or slats) when they are bunched.  This can vary dependant on the size and style of the blind so it is always best to email us with your order number/measurements so we can check for you.  Our email is as fo

What is a thermal lining?

Thermal lining is an insulator layer that is inserted into the blind which helps keep in warmth. In addition it also provides a dimout quality and also dampens sound.  Blackout blinds do also offer a thermal advantage they can reduce heat transfer by

What does tilt and raise mean?

Quite simply tilt and raise refer to the blinds control mechanics. The tilt control will angle your slats.  The raise control cord will raise and lower the blind. You can choose which side they go on and all come with colour coded cord and colour cod

Dimout, Blackout and Voile what is the difference?

You may have seen these words dotted around our website and been a little confused by what they mean. Which is best for you? Luckily we have a little summary describing these 3 features below: Voile Blinds These are a relatively new type of blind, bu