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What is the size of the roller blind top tube?

Great question and unfortunately it is not a one blind fits all answer! This will always vary on the product and most importantly size of the blind.  As a rule of thumb, we supply a roller blind under 1.8m wide (180cm) on a 32mm diameter aluminium tu

What is a reverse roll?

Traditionally a roller blind is installed so that the blind rolls (unravels) towards the glass. This is known as a standard or back roll. This roll is more conventional as it it keeps the fabric as close to the window in recess mount. This means the

What is at the bottom of a roller blind?

Our blinds are made to be the highest quality; that is why all our roller blinds come with a straight plain finished bottom bar, which will be in an open sew pocket.  To see our roller blinds in action here's a link: Roller Blinds

Can I swap my control side on a roller blind?

Lucky for you all our roller blinds come with an option to select your control side either left or right.  If you've placed your order and which to change your control side call us on 0117 463 0117 or email us at [email protected] and we will