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What does ‘stack side’ mean?

Stack side is quite simply the side of the window the vanes will be when drawn. They are written as if facing the window from the inside of the room.  There are 3 main stack sides. Left: When drawn the vanes (stack) will group on the left hand side o

Can I buy individual vanes?

Unfortunately we do not offer individual vanes due to the made to measure nature of our product. Our blinds come with everything you need including the headrail when purchased.

How wide are our vertical blind vanes?

The slat size on our vertical vanes are 89mm In addition the maximum width available is 500 cm / 196.9 in and the maximum drop available is 450 cm / 177.2 in

How much space will vertical blinds take up when pulled back?

Our vertical blinds take up 1.5cm for each vane - this is how large each truck is that holds the fabric. When the blinds are fully pulled back, they will take up some space in your window. We have the below guide to show you the most common sizes and